Every day we enrich people’s lives through real estates. Helping to find good accommodation, reliable property management, and finding profitable investments for our clients.


Oshin NuConcept is an estate agency who through their work in business enriches people’s lives. We connect tenants with landlords and work with clients with integrity, giving them the best strategies to increase their profits.  We invest in property and multiply the profit gains for our clients. Every day we follow strict ethical guidelines which are a part of the culture of our organisation. We work transparently and with honesty, and every penny entrusted is invested well.

our team

Małgorzata Pilacik

Property Investment Expert

Co-Founder of Real Estate Agency Oshin NuConcept. Expert in property investment. In her word’s property has always been, is and will be the best way of investing and obtaining the best profits. Investors say that with her “no penny is lost and each is well invested “. Her expert knowledge is built on a 10-year experience in property and the pedigree of the NuConcept brand which has been around for 30 years in the UK. As a practical person she knows how to best provide the best investment strategy for each property and to increase its value. In business, it’s important for her to enrich other people’s lives with her knowledge. She’s passionate about the property market, that’s why work in this field for her is a pleasure. In her private time, she’s a strong advocate of human rights and prevention of child trafficking.

Kris Pilacik

Property Investment Expert Construction Manager

Co-Founder of Oshin NuConcept, Construction and Project Manager. He specialises in the management of properties, the management of renovations and leading investments projects related to transferring single lets to HMO. Business partners value their relationships with Kris because he’s true to his word and can deal with any situation in a calm manner, even the most difficult. He works flexibly and with great rapport with his clients, that’s why partners build with him long-term business relations. Privately passionate about self development, a fan of Chelsea and owner of 5 English bulldogs and one bullmastiff.