Safe and lucrative property investments.

We are Property Management Professionals with 30 years of experience, members of The Property Ombudsman.

You may be thinking of building up your property portfolio. Perhaps you would like to prepare a legacy for your children. One thing is crucial: you must have a strategy!

Appropriate Business and Exit strategies will help you keep control of your future. To mitigate risks, you should use help of experienced professionals.

How do you find people that are up-to-date with so many changes? How to you know this accountant is better than another? Who will lead you to success and who will just charge you for not much effort?

We don’t offer raw ideas, use the opportunity of meeting up with the best of the best. Take advantage of our wide spectrum of professionals, working on the most challenging cases possible.

Avoid panic, avoid fire-fighting situation. Be prepared to accept the fact that your growing property portfolio is now officially a business. In partnership or Limited, you must protect your tax and assets.

Strategy is key but one size does not fit all. Drastic changes such as Section 24 don’t have to bite you if you have a right guidance and advise.

We will help you get clarity and get you out of the grey area. Tax should not be what you spend your life savings on. And don’t worry about understating your tax structure, we are here for you.

By calling us on 01582 420 202, you have instant access to our:

* Certified Contractors,
* Project Managers,
* Property Managers,
* Lenders & Private Lenders,
* Property Tax Specialists.

We also specialise in:

  • finding and securing profitable investments

  • finding tenants who were thoroughly checked and referenced

  • HMO Licensing

  • providing landlords with reliable management services

  • high standard refurbishment and redecoration

Pop into our office for a cup of tea in a friendly atmosphere and let us tell you how your property can reach its full financial potential.

Find your home, find your investment, find your place in the world…



        • Full house within the first month of advertising

        • Advertising your property through various online and offline means of communication

        • Finding reliable tenants who were properly credit-checked and fully referenced

        • Managing house maintenance issues so you never have to remember about a leaking radiator or new door handles

        • Never worry about unpaid utility bills

        • Sit back and relax whilst your property brings you profit

        • Attractive management fees

        • Free valuation

        • Projects with long-term profits

        • Trustworthy team of experts and professionals such as certified contractors, architects, project managers

        • Secure and legal deals

        • Various property related proposals (ask us about our Florida Project)


        • Tell us your “non-negotiables” and we will find your perfect house

        • Simple and straightforward credit check process

        • Affordable fees

        • Houses where you will want to stay for years

        • Professional advice should you decide to buy your first house

        • Quick response when you report a maintenance issue

LICENSING – everything you wanted to know about HMO and Selective Licensing but were afraid to ask…

There is a lot to take on when it comes to HMO and Selective Licensing. Requirements, applications, fees, regulations… Our company will make this process a breeze for you. We are communicating with local authorities on a regular basis and are up-to-date with latest requirements. We will provide you with precise estimates – this means cost and time. We are working with professional contractors, experienced in preparing properties for final HMO inspection. Remember, you may not need the license. Still not sure? Speak to one of our team members today.

Trust the experts. Your business is in good hands.

Meet our team 

Malgorzata & Krzysztof Pilacik
Paulina Hosking